Service - We aspire being a permanent address for all our clients’ queries and assignments. This is well informed of all their dealings, as a result of which any queries can usually be dealt with immediately. We can be accessed by phone from Monday up to and including Friday, from 10.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m.

Administratiekantoor Reupers VOF
Proost Banensstraat 4
6227 XG Maastricht
Telephone + 31 (0)43 3610992
E-Mail hans@reupers.nl
Chamber of Commerce KVK-Limburg:14083393






Reupers Administrative Office
Financial services and source of information
for private persons and entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Independent - Reupers Administrative Office is an independent advisory offices in the field of rendering financial services. As a result of our forty-year experience we are able to assure our clients a prime quality of the assignments executed and we manage to provide expert advice.

Reupers Administrative Office does among other things the bookkeeping, manages salary administration, makes tax declarations and annual accounts. All operations are done by our own staff, so that clients can be guaranteed to see their assignments carried out right away. We enjoy dealing with matters swiftly.

Clients - Our clients are from small and medium-sized companies, such as architects, undertakers, hotel and catering industry, retail and wholesalers, advisory offices, translating agencies.  Private clients appeal to us for having their income tax returns completed.

Automation - Our office is equipped with all convenience, so that any assignments can be executed and dealt with efficiently. From the very start of our office in 1984 automation has played a crucial role. Thus for many years on end income and company tax returns have been completed by means of professional Kluwer or Elsevier software, and clients’ financial and salary administrations have been automated since 1984. Retirement calculations are carried by using software of the Kampen based DSG Software Groep.